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Our partner program is an excellent opportunity to benefit from a continuously growing market. The Open Source software and IT Operation sectors are experiencing an unstoppable expansion moment with a global market of 5 billions USD. 

Pandora FMS manages to reach 10,000 downloads every month and it's one of the most applied monitoring systems in the world. Most organizations which utilize our software require local companies like yours: Companies which possess the ability to provide professional services and teach others on how to use Pandora FMS.

The partnership allows collaboration with internationally oriented companies which are specialized in networking, security or IT management solutions. These companies are also required to incorporate Pandora FMS into their catalogue as a tool. We collaborate with Independent Software Manufactures (ISV): Companies which offer software as a service because they provide this service to hosting companies offshore and all kinds of integration services. The partner program is divided in pre-sales, sales and professional support. It has been designed this way in order to help our partners to quickly obtain all the required knowledge, so they can provide the best quality to their clients and to increase their business activity.

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  • Technologic partners: This partnership involves the participation on design, developing, testing and the evolution of Pandora FMS, in collaboration with Artica ST. In this team, some people are required to have advanced Pandora FMS skills.
  • Certified partners: Intended for companies which have expert technicians, capable of developing projects, offer consultancy and support to their local customers.

On our behalf, Ártica ST undertakes it to act as a consultant to sell the product, to provide marketing material and to offer help with strategic clients. It refers to local clients and apply important discounts to our licenses. For further information about our partnership programs, please contact us.