Patches & Updates

Pandora FMS is not a simple tool. As any other existing software it has bugs and minor enhancements between versions. In order to be up-to-date about bugs, security fixes and minor improvements implemented within the last official version released, the software must be updated from time to time. The official development team does not make "official" patches, except for the Enterprise version.


For advanced users, the best way to be updated is by using the source code repository, which can be downloaded in real-time through Subversion (SVN)- It's where developers publish code.


Compilations of packages named Nightly Builds are produced automatically with the updated repository code. As they are generated automatically, we do not check them very often so that they may have some minor problems, although they should work.  We have developed snapshots for trunk/unstable code and stable snapshots for the last known stable version. Both of them can be downloaded at Sourceforge.


Starting with 4.0.2 version, the Open Source version has also an automated system to update your console every week.  It uses the stable snapshots releases to keep updated your console.