Pandora vs Other alternatives

Your company requires a monitoring tool but you are still comparing solutions? You already know one but you aren't happy with it and you look for alternatives? Then  you came to the right place. We will guide you through some of the main differences.

Most of the Open Source alternatives can be effective in controlling small networks, as Pandora FMS OpenSource itself, but it gets complicated if you are required to manage larger environments. To setup Zabbix, OpenNMS, Nagios or Cacti, to give an example, would requiere a lot of time and effort before reaching a professional standard, either by changing the code or by using additional hardware to scale the solution. And are always going to depend on someone who actually “customizes” the setup, adding non-standard code, scripts or tools. Professional technical support is not included and even the “Enterprise” alternatives of some of these systems, lack the features and real production situations where Pandora FMS is very strong. Please, checkout our success stories in real companies, and feel free to compare it to other solutions. 
With Pandora FMS you won't waste countless hours reading forums and editing configuration files, and restarting switches to see what happens. We're not denying the monitoring world being complicated, that's why you're required to standardize your processes and get professional support backing up your operation. If something is broken, we will put everything aside to help you.

Compare it yourself

We wanted to know how much you actually save with Pandora FMS as an alternative to other “free” solutions. That's the reason why we have set up an example calculation in which we've compared the cost of acquisition and operation of Pandora FMS and a free solution (TCO). We have assumed a general setup which served as a blueprint for many companies and compared the cost for a period of 12 months.

The basis for our calculation was an IT infrastructure with two virtual servers for high availability, a simple storage, network components including WLAN and, of course, the established applications for e-mail, database, inventory management, and website/e-shop. This setup consists of about 60 servers and 10 network/communication equipment.

The result came as a surprise even for us! We really calculated very conservatively in favor of the “free” solution. But still, even within the first 12 months of implementation, you can save more than 4,600 Euros- or 56 hours of work that a competent Linux expert could better invest within the company than with implementing and operating software. Of course, each time you need to improve or adapt your monitoring system, you are required to spend more and more money developing a solution, in Pandora FMS, you pay us just to get that: Job done.
License 0 € 2,000 €
Setup time 10 days 3 days
Downtime due to misconfiguration
and problem solving
5 days 1 day
TOTAL  9,000€ 4,400€
 (*) 1 day of linux expert ~ 600€

Pandora vs Commercial solutions 

Price is not everything. Through all of our success stories, we have proven why Pandora FMS is better than commercial solutions from other manufacturers.


Enterprise Library Plugins  

Other software companies sometimes say: “everything you need is contained in one simple installer. No additional downloads are required”. The real world is a little different: new technologies, new versions tend to come along almost every week, so we cannot promise that, but we can assure that we are going to update, creating new plugins and publish them on our exclusive Enterprise module library.  "Out of the box” you have a large library of local and remote monitoring modules of course, but if you know something about real life monitoring, you know that usually is not as simple as activating a check box in a beautiful menu.

Power vs Friendly usage. Red or blue pill?

Engineers tend to want to over-control things and to forget the usability. That's pretty common for the majority of all monitoring systems. We think it’s possible to have both of them in a coexisting way. Please take a look at our screenshots or demo site. If you want nice wizards, we have them. If you want full code integration with nasty API calls, we have it, too. The choice is yours. Do you want real in-depth knowledge? Feel free to browse in our 1200+ page manual.

Don't believe it, experience it! 

You can start monitoring your servers with Pandora FMS. Download it for yourself or ask our presales team to setup a Proof of Concept (PoC) for you. You might that certain things can be much simpler in a few hours.
Try Pandora FMS!


Business cases

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