Unlimited flexibility 

Pandora FMS is able to monitor all types of systems and technologies. Its flexibility is one of its main features. Below, you can find a list of the most popular technologies that Pandora FMS can integrate. Keep in mind that Pandora FMS can monitor any element of your business!
If the technology you are interested in is not listed below, please contact us.

Operating Systems





Get data from all your applications and all the processes of your systems. The Pandora FMS agent also lets you run WMI queries

With the agent of Pandora FMS you can find out how much memory and CPU your processes use. Furthermore, you will be notified when your hard disk is running out of space.





Thanks to the power of the Pandora FMS agent, you can monitor processes, services, file systems and all kinds of applications.

Be aware of the status of all the processes and resources on your server through the Pandora FMS agent.





With the Pandora FMS agent, you can find out how much memory and CPU your processes use. In addition, you will be notified when your hard disk is running out of space.

The agent of Pandora FMS sees fully all your systems: CPU, memory, processes, hardware status. Get all the information about your system.





Thanks to the Pandora FMS agent, you can be aware of the status of all your processes and resources on your server.

With the Pandroid agent, you can obtain data about the inventory, hardware status and processes.






Oracle database Monitoring. Tablespace and filesystem performance metrics, availability checks, actively searches of errors, cache metrics.

With the Pandora FMS agent you can find out how much memory and CPU your processes use. 
Furthermore, you will be alerted when your hard disk is running out of space.





Monitor the availability of your database as well as the performance, connections and filesystem of your instances.

Get information about your filesystem, service availability, the remaining space allocated and other performance metrics.

SQL Server




Microsoft database monitoring. Tablespace and filesystem performance metrics and network performance.

Keep your database fit by monitoring locks, buffers, connexions, and many other performance metrics.

Business apps



Active Directory


Get data about the performance of your SAP applications: workprocess, latencies, blocks, batchinput, jobs, dumps, IDocs, tablespaces, users and qRFC queues. You can also monitor several safety parameters such as the minimum size of passwords, number of users who have never logged in or number of failed logins attempts.

Monitor your Active Directory Modules: NTDS, FRS, Kerberos, LDAP, DNS, Cache and perfcounter metrics.



Lotus Notes


Monitor the implementation of digital identities management in your company. Modules: FIMSynchronization Service, Task Scheduler, SQL Server, perfcounter metrics.

Monitor the implementation of collaboration in your company. Modules: Domino, GPserv, SLAPD, HTTP, Router, SMTP, LDAP, AgentManager, POP3, DIIOP, nserver and TSMSched.





Monitor your Exchange applications. Blackberry, Global Exchange monitoring, monitoring Exchange CAS, HUB Exchange monitoring, monitoring Exchange Mailbox, Public Folder Echange monitoring.

With Selenium, you can monitor the user experience. Get latency values and check if the app is working as expected when the user performs actions.

MS Cluster




Get information about the status of the processes that form the cluster architecture of Microsoft, different groups, resources and networks.

Check if your Samba server is active and all the details about your active sessions, reading and writing errors and the number of concurrent connections.





Verify if your LDAP server authentication is correctly working for a particular user or run a custom query.

Check the status of the service and all the associated processes. Make sure that your Sharepoint architecture is working as expected.





Do your applications report errors in log files? No worries. Pandora FMS is able to gather information from these files and alert you when a problem arises.    

Networks and VoIP



Network devices


Monitor VoIP: Modules: Active calls, registered peers.

Pandora FMS is compatible with all manufacturers and types of networks. It supports all the standards IPv4, IPv6, Netflow, sFlow, SNMP (v1 v2c v3), TCP, UDP, HTTP/s, FTP, SFTP, SMB, DNS, Radius, WMI,  POP3, SMTP, IMAP, SSH, Telnet, VNC and many others. 


App servers





Monitor the app server developed by Oracle Corporation by using SNMP Traps, SNMP polling and various performance metrics.

Get performance data from Websphere server, performance metrics from JVM, pool and thread metrics from the application, log parsing, wsadmin.





Monitor the most widespread application server. Application performance modules and network performance.

Monitor the application server of Red Hat. It returns 28 modules per instance. Modules: Status, application performance metrics, network performance metrics.

JMX Generic



Monitor your systems and Java applications running under JMX. Modules: Application server performance, network performance, servlet individual performance, information and Mbeans metrics loaded.    

Cache and Web Servers





Monitor the most used Web server. Modules: traffic volume, access, uptime, number of requests, requests per second, CPU load, bytes per second, bytes per request.

Monitor the Web Server of Microsoft. Modules: Active services, number of errors and more than 50 network performance metrics.





Monitor the most efficient Web server in the market. Modules: Active Connections / accepted / handled, keep-alive connections.

Monitor the hits and misses of your cache, buffer usage and Varnish web server resources.






Get automatically performance data from your VMware architecture. Monitor the CPU usage of your virtual machines, free memory of an ESX or the remaining space of a Datastore with Pandora FMS.

Monitor your XEN virtual infrastructure: performance metrics of CPU, memory and disk.

Amazon AWS




Monitor remotely your Amazon EC2 instances. Get values such as CPU usage, memory usage or the status of the instance, without installing agents.

Pandora FMS explores automatically your RHEV architecture and get values about the free space in storage domains, performance clusters, hosts and VMs.



Monitor automatically your hosts and the virtual machines of your Hyper-V architecture.    


Telemetry and hardware sensors


HW group s.r.o. is a sensor manufacturer with IP interface. They provide remote monitoring and remote control solutions over M2M. Their products are designed for IT SOHO, data-centers, industrial and security applications. Pandora FMS integrates easily through SNMP protocol. We fully support their HWg-STE and the Poseidon product family.

Learn more information about these devices at HWGroup Website