Join us!


Collaborate with us

Anyone who is willing to help us with the software development, documentation edition or any other task that improves Pandora FMS will be more than welcome. Join us! 

A good way to start is by subscribing yourself to our mailing lists or to the forum. These are two good systems to communicate and cooperate with us in the same direction. 
Anyone who contributes periodically becomes a member of our team with complete access to the code. 
Below, we offer a list with examples of from where you can start. 

  • Submit new modules and items for our Pandora FMS public monitoring resource library
  • Test Pandora FMS and use it.
  • Send us patches and fixes if you find something wrong or you make some improvements. 
  • Report bugs and feature request in our tracker.
  • Review documentation.
  • Contribute with the FAQs.
  • Test Pandora FMS development versions.
  • Write documentation about your own experience. Give us more samples, etc.
  • Help us translating documentation and/or console.
  • Write articles.
  • Use Pandora FMS to help your own customers if you are an IT professional and get involved in our professional partner program.
  • Tell us any good idea you have in mind to improve Pandora FMS.
  • Answer our survey about Pandora FMS and help us improve the project. It would not take you more than 3-4 minutes. 


Since releasing the 2.0 version, Pandora FMS console has used the gettext standard for the Console translation. Gettext is a GNU standard that translates texts by using a powerful and versatile system. There are a lot of tools and ways to translate files with gettext.

We also use a wonderful tool of Canonical (Ubuntu) called Launchpad to translate texts online (You need to create a new user account). Ubuntu Launchpad Pandora FMS – Translations.
We really appreciate our translators' work. Thank you so much for your effort to make Pandora FMS more international.

Communication ways

Below, you can find several ways to contact us. Pick the one you like most!

Canal IRC #pandorafms