Need some help?

Have you encountered a bug? Your experience is crucial for the proper evolution of Pandora FMS. Download our mini guide about how to report a bug. 
You can inform us through an anonymous report in our Feedback and bug report page. Give us your email to notify you on changes and/or asking for more details - It's optional - you will be notified on every single progress about the problem and its solution.
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Have you come up with a good idea?

Our clients and users help us constantly improve Pandora FMS. We love to store ideas and comments, which we will use in updates and future versions. Please tell us about the features you would like to have in future versions of Pandora FMS. Go now to our Feedback and bug report page.

Community support

In case you need help with Pandora FMS Open Source, there are teaching materials online to learn how to use it by yourself such as documentation or public mailing lists. We have made tutorials, which can aid you in finding your way around.
Documents for community support:

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If you need professional support, contact us. Our Enterprise support package with the best engineers in Pandora FMS will fix any problem.